Meet the Team

Mango Music is founded and managed by a group of Nordic musicians and entrepreneurs with a passion for live music and event management in general

With decades of experience as professional musicians and event planners, we are proud to represent some of Northern Europe’s most talented musicians in a variety of genres, that match a lot of event types and venues.

Whenever you get in touch with Mango Music you are met by a member of our dedicated team, that has the personal experience and qualifications to help you find live music that matches your next event.

We are based in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmø (Sweden) but are proud suppliers of high-quality live music for hundreds of events annually in Northern Europe.

Asger Søgaard Hajslund

Partner (Talent Director)

Asger has been working as a professional musician and entrepreneur in jazz, folk and country for many years. He has a background as a guitarist/vocalist in a variety of bands and groups. Asger’s eye for talent helps him design our live concepts and casting new musicians to our ever-growing catalog of artists. He has a passion for networking and takes pride in a continuous quality assurance in order to make Mango Music attractive for both customers and musicians.

Frederik Flach

Partner (Creative Director)

Frederik has a background as a professional pianist and composer. He founded Jazzkollektivet (Nordic Jazz Society) in 2016 – and that idea has since expanded into other genres and countries with the rest of the team. Frederik has an eye for detail and primarily works with establishing visual identities and exciting new partnerships. He is an expert in utilizing the great talentpool of our musicians creatively to establish new concepts and opportunities for established and upcoming talents. He has a passion for creating new sustainable live concepts, marketing and communication in general.

Johanna Jakobsson

Project Manager & Booker

Johanna is a talented Danish/Swedish vocalist and saxophone player. She started out as one of our many freelance-musicians, but has since been involved as project manager and booker for all of our Swedish activities. Her bilingual background and her many years on stage both as a vocalist and a saxophone player gives her the ability to see new opportunities and a large network of Nordic musicians. Johanna has a background as an educator, a professional musician, and in customers relations at BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group).

Nanna Olsen

Project Manager & Booker

Nanna is a talented Danish singer-songwriter who works as project manager and booker for all of our Danish based activities. Her musical talent is matched with a passion for entrepreneurship. Her creative skillset is perfect for coming up with new ideas that eventually grow into new live concepts. Her background as a professional musician and her numerus experiences on both small and big stages has given her the skillset to design the perfect musical experience for each event.