About Us

We match every single musician to each event and create intimate and unique live experiences that inspire and amaze.

We facilitate new and innovative concert forms and unique musical moments by bringing the right musical talents and a specific audience together. We take pride in continuous contribution to sustainable careers for many hundreds of musicians across national borders.

We love live music

In an artistic and creative industry that can be difficult for both musicians and customers to navigate in, Mango Music is an important community and work base for many hundreds of young established and upcoming talents – by being the professional solution for live music for a large number of clients.

Our dedicated administration helps you tailor the perfect live soundtrack for you next event – completely without backing track and autotune. We offer lounge music, partybands, jazzbands, classical ensembles, solo artists, concerts, christmas bands, swing-jazz, street music and much, much more. Read more about our live concepts below!

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